Vague 9

Vague #7
Bow Wow Wow – Classix Nouveaux – Gods Toys
Viz – Wasted Youth – Monochrome Set
The Damned – Amnesty International


Vague 9 ‘Bow-wow-wow: I was a stowaway by the C-side’: After the Ants ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ tour ended, I jumped ship to Bow-wow-wow, the former Ants managed by Malcolm McLaren as cassette pirates. Having blown the last of the Vague money on McLaren/Westwood pirate gear at World’s End (formerly Seditionaries) – though Jordan bought a copy – and a train ticket to Torquay, I stowed away in Dave Barbe and Mathew Ashman’s hotel room. The Burundi beat pioneering drummer Dave Barbe (who went on to Republica) told me: “The first people to catch on to our music were the punks. We knew that they are the most open-minded people with the most bottle. Not like the Blitz, where it takes them 2 years before they can do anything. This is where fundamentally us and Adam differ. He says kids should dress up and be happy at their gigs. Bow-wow-wow say kids should dress up and be happy all the fucking time. Like us. We wear these clothes all the fucking time, even through blizzards in London, just to show we’re up for it.” Mathew: “I wouldn’t walk through a blizzard with just a shirt on.” Dave: “You got a cold, Math.”

Tom Vague
(Vague Publishing, 1981)
now out of print